Our History …
Brewin foundation (BF) was founded in 2017 by Dr. Winnie Nambaziira. The aim of the organisation was to reach out to children who are orphaned and vulnerable. The organisation is founded on Christian principles and this sips through all its work

What We Do..


Education has no money money value and knowledge is power. Every child deserves an education and a good one. BF offers an hand up to its beneficiaries in order to obtain a good education

Health Services

Health is wealth. A health child is a productive child and this has been our focus ensuring access to good quality health services while imparting knowledge to households on primary health care.

Water and sanitation Hygiene (WASH )

Children are involved in water collection in almost every home in rural Uganda . However, over 60% of the children leave a 30 minutes walk from the water point. For the girl child , this has exposed them to sexual violence. At BF we aim at ensuring household have a sable and safe water point within their compound

Social Justice

Without an identity, it is difficult to access services including education , health and so forth. BF ensures that each of their beneficiary is supported to obtain a birth certificate as well as a national ID

Psycho-social Support

Our team of counselors and social workers is present to ensure the well-being of our beneficiaries through offering psycho-social support

Project Completed

children impacted

Our Team

Dr. Winnie Nambaziira

Executive Director

Norah Nabakunja

Social worker

Kalangwa Alex

Finance head

Rebecca Nassaka

Head of counselling

Beneficiaries’ testimonies

Nampijja Prossy


I have a child who is HIV positive and in care. I was very ashamed of my child and I feared what society would say if they found out that my child was HIV positive. For this reason, I would not give my child medication that is supposed to reduce the virus in the body. This led my child to start having a high level of the virus in the body. I was told about the economic adherence support clubs supported by Brewin foundation and I opted to join one in my community. I met other mothers like me who also have children in care. In the groups, we supported one another through sharing our challenges and finding solutions to them including how we can support our children to swallow their medication better. We also had a saving scheme and we would save every time we would meet and this boosted by financial security. My confidence has improved since joining the club such that even the community people who used to laugh at me and point fingers have nothing on me because I know my child can have a life just like theirs. I was also very glad to know that now my child was improved and the little man on her result slip had a happy face. Brewin Foundation awarded my child a school bag for this improvement and I am encouraged more than ever to continue supporting my child to have a better life



“I was found in a dire state by Brewin Foundation staff with 5 of six children of my brother. My brother got arrested for killing his wife in a bout of domestic violence to his wife leaving the children without a mother. The youngest was 1 year and a half while the eldest was 13 years. I am an old woman and I do not work therefore I do not have a lot to give the children. However, the Brewin foundation came to our rescue in 2019 and supported us with food staffs, sleeping gear and clothes as well as medication for the children. I am very grateful to the organisation because I do not know what I would have done without them. The children and I now have hope that everything will work out well with the support of the organisation as they have organised to train me in a small income generating activity so I can be able to earn something to take care of children including providing food, shelter and school needs”

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