Foster Care

Foster care can either be a ward, group home, or private home of a State- certified caregiver known as a foster parent. Brewin foundation runs a foster Care program placing minors (18 years and below) by identifying an appropriate safe place the minor that can take in the minor while considering adoption.

Prior to enrolling into the foster care program, would be faster parents undertake a free commitment training in handling the needs of their foster children. The training is for a period of 1 month committing at least 16 hours a week to the training. Following the training, the necessary paperwork is given to the interested caregivers.  A home investigation is conducted following the training by our team of experienced social workers to assess the safety of the safe space required for the growth and development of the minor.

Relatives of the children are eligible for the foster care program with minimal support from the Organisation including routine spot checks on the child’s wellbeing